Free valuation for your home

Want to know what your property is worth?

With our free value check, one of our estate agents virtually views your home to determine the estimated value of your property. It is therefore an estimate and not a valuation that you need for your mortgage, for example. But it does give you an insight into the housing market and the current value of your home. Are you currently about to sell your home? Then get off to a flying start and immediately request a free valuation below. Completely free and without obligation! Fill in your contact details below and we will call you back at your convenience.

property registration
How does work?
Step 1

Register your property directly

Create your own account, manage and present your property with convincing texts, details and images that support the sale of your home. The better the home presentation, the more involvement.

property registration
Step 2

Reach potential buyers

After checking all details, we present your property ad on Funda. This ensures visibility throughout the Netherlands! We show everyone that your property is for sale.

property registration
Step 3


You will receive an instant email notification as soon as one shows interest. Schedule your own appointment! The ideal opportunity to tell about the beautiful spots in your home. That way, potential buyers will know what your property has to offer.

property registration
Step 4

Well prepared negotiate

We support you optimally in the negotiation process. We advise you and you make the choice: reject, accept or counter-bid. Should you accept the offer, we will provide you with tips so that you are prepared for the final inspection and the signing of the title deed at the notary's office!