Sales and rental tips

As a self-seller, you (of course) arrange as much as possible yourself. But that doesn't mean you're completely on your own. In the management environment, we have a large collection of documents with rental and sales tips. Want a sneak preview? Then read the general tips below.

Tip 1: take good photos

A buyer will mainly look at the possibilities of your house. Therefore, make sure you take photos that present the house as 'spacious' as possible. Move that extra chair out of the picture and make sure everything looks neat and tidy. In addition, light is very important. Take photos during the day and with the curtains wide open. In addition, wait until the sun breaks through, as a few rays of sunlight make a world of difference.

Tip 2: work away small flaws

Look at your property as if you were going on a viewing yourself and ask yourself: what stands out? Then make a list of strengths and weaknesses and work away the small flaws anyway. Is there a loose socket? Could the window frames use a lick of paint? Or is there a crack in a window? Now is the time to fix small imperfections.

Tip 3: First impressions count

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Therefore, make sure your house is neat and tidy when a potential buyer visits. No clutter on the tables and floor, no layer of dust on the windowsill and the windows neatly wiped. This shows that you are serious about selling. An extra tip: air your house just before the visit, so it smells extra fresh.

Tip 4: Plan viewings as much as possible during the day

By daylight, a potential buyer will get the best impression of a property and its different rooms. Absolutely can't manage a viewing in the evening? Then make sure all lights are on inside and outside, turn off television and radio and ask family members to take a walk around the block. The fewer distractions from the house, the better.

Tip 5: Only answer the questions you can

Think as much as possible about questions potential buyers might ask and formulate a (global) answer in advance. Does a question arise that you cannot answer? Don't just shout something. Indicate that you do not have an immediate answer, but that you will be happy to come back to it later. This way you always act in a correct and honest manner.

Tip 6: Be hospitable during a viewing

An open door: but make sure a potential buyer immediately feels at ease. So offer a cup of coffee (or something else) and have a friendly chat. Moreover, give the buyer as much time as he needs. This will also make it more likely that he will get a good feeling about the property. And that is what you want to achieve in the end.

Tip 7: Get a nice smell in the house

Prompting coffee, an apple pie fresh from the oven or a colourful bunch of flowers on the table: a nice smell makes your house a lot more pleasant. So make use of it. Especially during an open house day.

Tip 8: Keep your home cosy

Make sure your home stays cosy. Even if you are in the process of moving or have already moved. So leave the curtains hanging and leave some furniture behind. This will give the potential buyer a much better feel for the (possible) layout of a room. And that promotes the sale.