No brokerage fee

At you pay no commission

Why hire an expensive estate agent when you can do a lot of the work yourself? At, you only pay for the estate agency services you really need. So choose a package and get started right away.

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Funda All-In

With extensive promotional support
€ 1.195,- One-time, incl. VAT
Includes professional photography and videography
With property description
360° photo tour
Funda redirect

Funda Plus - Rentals

Comprehensive promotion and tenant check
€ 495,- One-time, incl. VAT
With 30 own photos on Funda and Pararius
Tenant Check
Negotiation by real estate agent
And a lot more!

What is the brokerage commission?

The brokerage commission is a kind of performance bonus that a traditional broker receives after a successful deal. The average brokerage commission for a real estate agent varies between 1% of the selling price for cheaper homes and 1.6% for more expensive homes. Besides the commission, a sales agent earns from start-up costs. A home recording and developing promotional material are examples of this. Thanks to the mandatory start-up work and the variable brokerage fee, the costs for an estate agent can add up considerably.

What does a sales agent cost? Real estate agent fee calculation example

Do you want to know what a sales agent costs? Here's an example calculation! We assume €600 start-up costs, a sales price of €240,000 and a 1.25% commission. This brings you to the following sum:

  • Start-up costs: €600,-

  • Property commission: €3.000,-

  • Total estate agent costs: €3,600,-

Best a lot of money right? Especially when you know that most of an estate agent's work goes into things you can do yourself. That's why we take a different approach. We are not an estate agent, but an online estate agent.

Why is much more cost-effective than a sales agent?

Most of the work for a sales agent is in promoting the property, scheduling appointments and showing people around during a viewing. We believe that as a seller, you can easily do this yourself. After all, who knows your house better than you? The only things you hire us for are the things most home sellers could use help with (such as negotiating) and the parts required by Funda (such as the house recording). You'll notice this in the price, of course. But we are also among the most advantageous online estate agents in the country.

Costs of selling a house too high? Take advantage of our strengths

If you would like to save on estate agent costs, is a good option. The things you can do yourself you pick up, the rest we take care of. This is what you can expect from us:

  1. The widest reach in the Netherlands:we put your house on Funda and other housing sites and also use social media for extra publicity. As a result, we reach one million house hunters every month.

  2. Top service:Maybe because you arrange everything with the same estate agent, maybe because we are always there for you. The fact is that our customers rate us with an 8.8. Of course, we are very proud of that :).

  3. With get results: we have only been around for a few years. Yet we have already been involved in more than 1,300 sales. Last but not least: a house is for sale for an average of three months and we almost always sell above the asking price. A reassuring thought.

  4. Sharp rate: you only pay for the estate agency services you really need. That's why we charge a lot less than regular estate agents. But even among online estate agents, we are among the cheapest in the country.

property registration
How does work?
Step 1

Register your property directly

Create your own account, manage and present your property with convincing texts, details and images that support the sale of your home. The better the home presentation, the more involvement.

property registration
Step 2

Reach potential buyers

After checking all details, we present your property ad on Funda. This ensures visibility throughout the Netherlands! We show everyone that your property is for sale.

property registration
Step 3


You will receive an instant email notification as soon as one shows interest. Schedule your own appointment! The ideal opportunity to tell about the beautiful spots in your home. That way, potential buyers will know what your property has to offer.

property registration
Step 4

Well prepared negotiate

We support you optimally in the negotiation process. We advise you and you make the choice: reject, accept or counter-bid. Should you accept the offer, we will provide you with tips so that you are prepared for the final inspection and the signing of the title deed at the notary's office!