7 Certainties

You come to HuisPortaal.nl because you want to sell your home yourself. We're happy to give you this freedom, but that doesn't mean we leave you entirely to your own devices. On the contrary! We are there for you with advice and assistance if you need us. We have anchored our view of good service in the 7 certainties of HuisPortaal.nl. You can expect this from us at all times.

1. A full-fledged Funda placement

No matter which package you purchase, your property will always be featured extensively on Funda. With an attracting text that can be as long as you want, with attractive photos and possibly additional videos and documents. In addition, the following applies to each package: your house will remain online until it is let or sold.

2. We are the cheapest in the Netherlands

We offer the best value for money. We listen to our customers and keep a close eye on the market. That is why the packages only include items that really help you sell or rent your property (such as the Funda placement) or are required by Funda (such as the home recording). This way, you always get a package that fits your needs perfectly, without unnecessary additions. Great value for money.

3. A huge reach among house hunters

Funda is of course the largest and most important housing site, but not the only one. That is why we will also place your house on Huisportaal.nl, Huislijn.nl, HuizenZoeker and Pararius (for rentals). That way, you can be sure that your property will come under the eyes of a huge audience. Just the way you like it.

4. Comprehensive online sales support

You engage us because you prefer to do as much as possible yourself. Yet we are happy to offer a helping hand. For example, we have collected all required documents for you in the management environment and supplemented them with useful tips and tricks. So you can be really sure that you have thought of everything. Still get stuck somewhere? Then we are there for you with personal advice and concrete help.

5. We are also there for you offline

Although we are an online estate agent, we also offer excellent offline service. This starts at the home inspection, where you shake hands with your personal real estate agent for the first time. Our colleague will guide you throughout the entire sales process. So you are always in contact with someone who is aware of your personal wishes and situation. Very convenient.

6. A user-friendly and fast management environment

You manage the online side of the sale via your management environment. We have designed this digital environment to be as user-friendly as possible so that you can find everything easily and carry it out quickly. Still see room for improvement somewhere? Please let us know. We are always open to suggestions.

7. We don't charge a commission

Traditional estate agents charge a commission (a percentage of the selling price) for their services. We don't! You pay only once for your package, then we support you until your house is sold. Super advantageous.