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How does it work?

Want to do as much as possible yourself when selling or renting your property? Sensible! You can easily do most of the work a traditional estate agent does yourself. Our motto is therefore: everything you can do yourself, we will take care of the rest. That works as follows:

Sell or rent your house
in just a few steps

Sell or rent your house in just a few steps

Step 1 Register your property directly

We arrange this

Support with ad creation

We ensure that the cadastral information is entered in the management environment and the number of square metres measured by the estate agent during the property survey.

Home recording

An agent from HuisPortaal will visit you. Your broker will record the house and will give a price recommendation afterwards. The person will further guide you through the sales process, such as supporting you with negotiations.

You do this

Select package

Select a rental or sales package that suits your needs. Do you want to do as much as possible yourself and still benefit from our expertise? Then we recommend a Funda Plus package. Would you like more guidance in selling your home? Then a Funda All-in package is best for you.

Create profile

You create a profile that allows you to log into the management environment. This is where you make your payment, enter all property details and upload the necessary documents.

Adding house features

The most important thing is to fill in all data related to your property: such as photos, textual description, number of (bedrooms) and energy label. You thus create your own ad that will appear on Funda.

Step 2 Reach potential buyers

We arrange this

House on Funda

When you have provided the necessary documents and information, we will place the house on our own website and on Funda. You will receive an e-mail as soon as we have done this. You can immediately start your viewings.

You do this

Hanging up poster/v-sign

Make sure you hang the sales sign in a clearly visible place. Everyone may see that your property is for sale.

Use social media

Your property will be posted on Facebook and Instagram. You can easily share this post with your network.

Step 3 Viewing?

We arrange this

Scheduling viewings

We provide you with the contact requests, so you know who, when shows interest. It's up to you to schedule this appointment.

You do this

Showing people around

Once you have made an appointment with the potential buyers, a viewing takes place. During this viewing, you yourself highlight the eye-catchers in your property and show the potential buyers around.

Step 4 Well prepared negotiate

We arrange this


Once you have an offer on your property then you can discuss this together with your estate agent, with you holding the reins as the seller. Together, you will decide on the best strategy.

Purchase agreement

Depending on the package you have chosen, we will draw up the purchase agreement for you. This way, you can be sure that everything is legally in order.

You do this

Delivery of the house

On the day of delivery, your buyer can inspect the house again. The final meter reading and other inspection points are noted in the completion report. Now you are ready to go to the notary.

Signing at the notary

The final step has arrived. You and the buyers go to the notary to sign the title deed. We like to hear whether the property has been definitively sold so we can update the status on Funda and our own website.

View our packages

Funda All-In

With extensive promotional support
€ 1.195,- One-time, incl. VAT
Includes professional photography and videography
With property description
360° photo tour
Funda redirect

Funda Plus - Rentals

Comprehensive promotion and tenant check
€ 495,- One-time, incl. VAT
With 30 own photos on Funda and Pararius
Tenant Check
Negotiation by real estate agent
And a lot more!